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I am an avid believer that beauty and utility should go hand in hand. My work is made with the intention that it be used, loved and enjoyed in the home.
Each piece is thrown on the wheel in a stoneware clay, trimmed and any handles or additions attached.
The pots are initially bisque fired to 1000°C, whereafter they are glazed and fired to 1260-1280°C in either oxidation or reduction (electric or gas).

These high temperatures mean that the finished pots are impervious to water and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe (though hand washing is preferable).

By mixing my own glazes, I can control the materials I use and substitute for “self sourced” ones where possible. I avoid using metal oxides other than iron as colourants, as these can be some of the most intensive to extract and process.
All my waste clay is recycled.

I always make with durability in mind - treated correctly, these pots can last a lifetime!

I'm Currently working from a small studio space at Fishponds Pottery in Bristol, where I am also a teacher and studio technician. 


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